• Changing an Inner-tube front or back wheel including parts (Schlauch) = 25,-  
  • Changing a tubular tire with tape = 20,-  With glue = 25,- (Not including Tire)
  • Custom Wheel Build = 45,- 
  • Wrapping handlebar tape on drop-bar = 15,-
  • Bike wash with fresh oil on drive train and wax on bike frame = 30,-
  • Hydraulic brake bleed = 39,-
  • Bike Mechanic by the hour = 70,-
  • Full Bike Service = 49,-  (Full Bike Service with Brake Bleed = 69,-)   This includes a full bike wash, cleaning dive train, wax protection for frame, brake adjusting, changing brake pads if needed, changing brake cables if needed, changing inner-tubes if needed, adjusting shifting and repairing or replacing broken shifting components, truing wheels, air, wrapping handlebar tape or changing grips... Basically a full service would be your general yearly service that should take me a little over an hour on most bikes.. If does not include rebuilding hubs or changing out the bottom bracket etc.. If the Bike is relatively good shape i will m ake sure to service the hubs or do any extra repairs i can do within reason to make sure you get a great service.. (this bike service should be perfect for most peoples needs)
  • Heavy Duty Bike Service = 99,-  This would include everything mentioned above for the full service but we will also open up the hubs and bottom bracket to service these as well, replacing broken spokes, brake bleed..

( Not all Bikes or Bike Riders are the same, so please communicate with us your needs and budget and what you use your bike for when dropping your bike off for a service and we will try to get you the best deal possible to keep you out on the road riding safely, for as long as possible )

  • CUSTOM BIKE BUILD = FREE If you buy the parts with us at regular retail prices we will put your dream bike together at no extra charge for assembly.. We do Custom Bike Builds with new and vintage parts and no matter the price you pay ALL OUR BIKES COME WITH A LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

At MAGHANOY We are always trying to give you the absolute best value and service we can possibly provide..We have a "Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back" policy so please be verbal and communicate your needs and if we make a mistake or fall short of your expectations please hold us accountable.. We strive with real sincerity to be the best we possibly can be and to improve in every way possible so please help us to be the best we can be by communicating with us so we can continue to serve you for many years to come.. 

LIFETIME GUARANTEE? Our lifetime guarantee covers the reasonable expected lifetime of each individual part.. For example steel frame-sets can last for 50+ years, chains for 4000+km etc.. So if something fails before it should we replace it for free.. We really try to only use long-lasting durable parts and we will always encourage you to build up your bike with the most environmentally friendly longest lasting option that you can afford.. 

We at MAGHANOY hate forced obsolescence and our throw away society that prioritizes profit and economic growth over sustainability, nature and our futures. That's why we build our Bikes + Bags to last and why everything we make has a lifetime guarantee!





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